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2FA – Make your account secure!

Yes I’m back! It has a long on time but here I am 🙂


Here it is a new update for Oziverse! With 2FA you can make your account more secure from attacks.
It is not mandatory but I hightly suggest it.

How to enable it?

Enabling 2FA is very easy! All you need is your Oziverse account and a 2FA app on your smartphone.
Here is a simple tutorial:

1. Go to settings
2. Press the enable button
3. Install a 2FA app on your smartphone (es. Google Authenticator)
4. Scan the QR code with the app and insert the verification code to enable 2FA
5. Next time you login, you’ll have to insert the security code generated by the app

2FA is a great solution for security, as the code change every 30 seconds.

How to disable it?

If you get tired of 2FA you can always disable it in settings!

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Animations, Pages and Apps

Hello dear Ozovians!
As I said in the last blog post, I was going to improve the overall looking of the website and release the Oziverse app. Well, the time for the good news has come!

Better colours and animations

I have improved the dark theme by removing that strange green colour from the cards headings and from the navigation bars.
I have also started adding beautiful animations to the pages using the AOS script and, in my opinion, it improves the website’s quality a lot.

What about the Oziverse App?

As I said in the previous post, I tried to use a new program to develop both the iOS and the Android app. Sadly the programs didn’t fully support android but the major problem is with the iOS, because you can try to create an app, but you can test since you need a Mac Xcode licence (that I don’t have). So the iOS app is delayed in a long future, when I’ll able to afford an Apple device.

For the Android users I have made a better version of the app. You’ll be able to download it on our discord.
The app updates are:
– Removed the status bar (as you users voted on Discord).
– Added a bottom navigation bar to the most used services of the website.

What about the future?

My last year of Liceo is starting soon, so I’ll have to dedicate a lot of time into studying for the final exams, but I promise I’ll try to be as active as I can.

Near Future plans:
– Finishing the animations on all pages

Long Term Future Plans:
– Redoing the old Admin System
– Doing the game page template
– Redoing the forums

That’s all for this post! More updates will come soon 🙂

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New Oziverse App coming soon!

What changes?

As many of you asked, I’ll develop also a new version of the app for iOS devices.
To build the new app I’m learning to use a new program, so I switched from Android studio to Xamarin for Visual Studio, so I’ll be able to develop both Android and iOS apps simultaneously.

Any new functionality?

Yes, I’ll try to add a bottom navigation bar with some simple button that redirect to some of the main pages of the website. More features will come in the future updates!

That’s all for now, I’ll keep you updated soon!

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1# Oziverse Updates – New Style and Android App!

We are back!

After some time the blog is finally back!
But don’t worry, we have made lot of progress during the blog suspension.

What changed?

As you probably have seen, the website has improved his style, making it more mobile-friendly and responsive.

Also the character render quality has improved a lot so you can clearly see your avatar and what other users are wearing!

If you have joined our discord server, you’ll also be able to download our new Oziverse app for your android devices!

That’s all for now! I’ll publish the next updates here soon!

Richard Maarts